Bespoke Vintage Lamps

Bespoke Vintage Lamps

Have a lamp custom made for you in the colours and style of your choosing. Choose from any of the lamp shapes and styles that are available or select a style from our previously sold collection. We will endeavour to get you the right lamp to suit your specific interior design. The range below is a guide to the shapes and styles that you can choose from however each one is unique and vintage so we will do our best to get something as close as possible to your choice.


Square Crystal Decanters

Here are some examples of Square Crystal Decanters. Originally used for whiskey or other spirits these beautiful designs can now become a stylish table lamp.
They range from Art Deco in the 1920's through the 60's to the present day. Each one has a different pattern cut into the crystal and is a slightly different shape. You can have it in the pure clear crystal or you could have it painted a colour of your choice inside. Choose the colour and shape of your shade and the colour of the silk covered cable to have a unique lamp just the way you want it.


Ships Decanters


Ships decanters are for port or brandy and were originally designed for ships which is why they have a large flat bottom to remain upright when the ship is rolling about. There are some lovely designs on the elegant fluted shape which become enhanced with a solid colour inside. Here are some examples of Art Deco and 1960's decanters painted inside. The sculptural quality of the 60's one is enhanced by the chartreuse yellow inside and the jet black shows off the starburst design of the Art Deco one.


Mallet Decanters


Over the centuries certain decanter shapes became fashionable and one of these is the mallet shape. These flat bottomed decanters were used mainly for spirits such as gin. The shape has persisted to the present day and is still used for spirits. In the examples above they range from a lovely khaki back painted Victorian ribbed decanter from around 1860 which looks like a 19th century women's skirt to a ruby back painted 1960's decanter. The beautiful 20th century clear crystal ones demonstrate the craft of cutting thick heavy crystal by hand to give us these sparkling designs that are pretty and romantic and would look great in any stylish interior next to the bed or on a dressing table.


Club Decanters

Club decanters are so called as they resemble old Indian clubs. They have the same shape as a club and would usually have been used for wine. It is a popular shape which is still used today. The ivory back painted one is Victorian yet has a very modern feel. The other Victorian one is exquisitely cut with cross patterns and beading on the fluting on the neck. The two 20th century ones are very elegant and decorative as well. All of them would look good in a stylish sitting room that requires elegance and style.


Globe Decanters

Globe and shaft decanters became the new shape in the Victorian era around 1860. They were used for wine or sherry and continued to be used for a long time afterwards. The simple bowl shape and long neck make a lovely elegant shape. Some of the decoration like the oval lenses cut into the first Victorian example here make it look very modern. The beautifully engraved vine, grapes and fern leaves on the other Victorian example give a nostalgic romantic feel to the lamp. The Edwardian circa 1910 decanter has simple lines cut into the the bowl and is very charming and sophisticated. The 1960's white back painted one has a sculptural quality to it with the little pyramids in relief on it's surface. 


See previously sold lamps for more examples of what you can have


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