Languishing in the back of cupboards forgotten and unloved, rare old decanters deserve a new lease of life. Made from good quality crystal and glass with great craftsmanship, they are sometimes antique and have interesting sculptural shapes and hand cut designs. When combined with contemporary shades and good quality new fittings they can be up-cycled into stylish lamps. They will fit well into any modern, traditional or retro interior and will provide a unique source of light that perfectly chimes with our need to recycle and protect our environment. The light reflecting off the crystal and glass provides a wonderful atmosphere for the home.

Not only will you be adding an interesting design element into your home, you will also be acquiring a unique object that no-one else will have.

We have introduced a new collection of decanter lamps that are painted inside. The colour enhances the shape of the decanter and makes the pattern on the surface stand out. These lamps are striking and will make a special feature in any stylish interior.

Adding to our collection is the range of vintage vase lamps. Each crafted from a stylish vase ranging from 19th century Japanese satsuma vases to 1970's English pottery vases. All combined with a simple modern shade in a matching colour to give you a very unique table lamp that will light up any stylish interior.

Each lamp is hand assembled with quality brass fittings made in Italy and traditional silky covered cable to give the lamp an elegant finish. The shades are kept simple and modern in silk, linen and cotton. If you require a different colour shade in a different fabric please contact us and we will do our best to meet your request.

Hand made in the UK. 

All our prices are inclusive of VAT and include FREE delivery to anywhere in the UK and we are happy to ship these lamps anywhere safely packed in a recycled box. 

See our store on www.notonthehighstreet.com/tyger

Bespoke lamps available at http://www.bespokee.co.uk/view-maker/tyger-design